Red Rock Leisure

Key activity provider for Exmouth Camp

Exmouth Watersports, part of Red Rock Leisure Ltd. work closely with Exmouth Camp providing a large range of both on site and beach based activities. Their activity packages (see below) can be tailored to suit your group’s requirements and budget and allow for a one stop shop, which makes planning your trip far easier.

Tel 01395 276626

Schools Activities 2017/18

Individual Price List:

  • Half Day Watersports (3hrs) £25 per person

  • Full Day Watersports & Beach Activities (6hrs w/ 1hr lunch break) £35 per person

  • Archery Tag Training & Tournament (3-4hrs) £20 per person

  • Team Challenge (3hrs) £15 per person

  • Forestcraft & Woodskills (3hrs) £15 per person

Combination of Watersports & Land Activities:

The Ultimate Summer Camp Activity Package:

Full Day Watersports & Beach Activities (5hrs)

Archery Tag (3hrs)

Team Challenge (3hrs)

Forestcraft & Woodskills (3hrs)

£85 when booked individually…just £70 when booked as a package

Activity Descriptions

Land Based on site @ Exmouth Camp:

ForestCraft & WoodSkills

Lots on offer from fire building, to badge making, to helping to build a Saxon roundhouse and creating survival shelters. Our expert woodsmen and women will help everyone take part in these hands on experiences.

Archery Tag

A great chance to blow off some steam. Each team has to shoot each other and targets whilst trying to not get hit themselves by hiding behind walls and inflatable barriers. All the carbon fibre arrows are foam tipped so they won’t hurt when you get hit. In addition everyone has a mask to protect their whole face. Lots of gameplays are available. For more information head to

Team Challenge

A choice of 8 different activities each lasting about 45 minutes. A great way of getting people thinking and working as a team. Activities include; “the spider’s web”; getting all your team through the spider’s web without waking the spider and “The Bridge” to reconstruct a bridge to span a gap and get the team across.  

Waterborne and Beach Activities @ Orcombe Point (2mins from Exmouth Camp):


SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

A great fun and accessible way for everyone to get out on the water. The Instructors will take you through all the skills you’ll require on the land before taking you out on the water and trying to get everyone standing up. If there is a bit of a wave we can get people surfing on the paddleboards. We also have lots of games to play on the paddleboards to suit all age groups and abilities.


We use sit on top kayaks to keep the lessons as accessible and safe as possible. Our instructors cover all the safety and basic paddling techniques on land before heading out on the water. We give everyone the chance to get use to paddling whilst the instructors are always close by to help. Depending on the group and conditions we might go for a paddle along the coastline or out to the sand bar or we might stay close to the beach and play some games.


A sport that offers a bit more of a challenge though can be so rewarding, we’ll get everyone out helping each other to get up and sailing along, maybe even trying a few turns. The instructors will stay close by and make sure the group stays close to them.


Surfing & Bodyboarding

Occasionally the waves might pick up allowing us to go surfing. We’ll teach you how to paddle onto the wave and pop up on the board before hitting the water and giving it a go. We use foam covered surfboards which are great for beginners and won’t hurt if you get hit. When the waves come through we have a great location for making the most of them and getting everyone catching waves on bodyboards. The Instructors give an introduction on how to bodyboard safely and how best to get onto a wave. The instructors will keep the group close at hand whilst helping everyone to get onto a wave.